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Quotable ArchuQuote

"I'm just David and a lot more people know who I am now than before, but it's not like I'm a different person because of that." — Square Magazine, Jan./Feb. 2009

From the notingDavid Archives

"One of the reasons I know that David Archuleta is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience is because there is an entire category of people who find themselves inexplicably drawn to this remarkable young man who are not the kinds of people commonly–if ever–given to fanaticism of any kind.” - Rascal
notingDavid, June 1 Trust the Archulator

From the Comments

"I just listened to How Great Thou Art. NEVER have I heard anything so moving and beautiful. Just when I think I’ve heard the most beautiful sound in the world, he goes and does something like this. He keeps outdoing himself. I swear his voice could stop wars.."
— betsy


"He pulls us up on stage with him,” all right! Then he shakes the dickens out of us ’til all the stuffing comes out our heads!! GAH.
- — highervibe

Random ArchuPoetry

Wishing for wings, I've waited
but none were sprouting
then you came to take me up.

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