From here you can get to any performance venue from the beginning of AI through the US Tour and on to Asia and UK if we re lucky enough to get them.
I’m opening comments on all the performance review pages so you can discuss videos (second by second) and any other performance-specific discussion.


American Idol – A Look Back

Jingle Ball/Bash Videos

US Tour – Spring 2009

David in Asia

The UK with David and McFly


2 Responses to “Performance Reviews”

  1. 1 djafan March 20, 2009 at 11:22 am

    Pomona Concert – March 17, 2009

    Where do I start? I can’t get this silly grin off my face with all these random thoughts of the “Day” I witnessed the most amazing and gifted singer /performer I’ve ever seen. I waited over 9 hours to see him. The first act…not so good in my opinion, but I took the advice dawn65, bliss and others to mosh, so I braved it out and I don’t have a single regret, I’d do it again in a heartbeat, but only for David. Everybody needs to do this at least once.

    I don’t do well in enclosed spaces, much less squeezed in by hundreds of people. I was about 5 rows back of the stage in front of the keyboard. I looked back and there were people in every space available, I only looked once. My granddaughter asked a few times if I was ok. I’m so glad I snuck in my water. During the first act I’ll have to admit it was rough with people trying to settle in all around me. When he came out all was forgotten. The place went crazy.

    Have I mentioned how absolutely gorgeous he is? He glows, his aura envelops you. His facial expressions, his smile draws you in, his eyes… his gaze is hypnotic. His body, his movements are raw and electrifying. I would never like him to choreograph his moves, he moves to the music so naturally and his hand movements, his hands, oh my, his hands… I’ve never seen hands like these. He didn’t look tiny or thin to me, his outfit was perfect, (this is my pick for best outfit, and he wears green well) he looks larger than life dancing and bouncing around the stage. His energy is intense.

    Then there is the Voice…. strong, rich, velvety, with the most perfect pitch… hitting every note, echoing back at you, the nuances in his voice are so perfect they make you feel the pain, the joy, whatever feeling he wants to convey. He is such a subtle flirt, the little looks and waves are perfect, I think he’s realizing the effect of these and uses them wisely.

    His performances were all perfect, I can’t pick a favorite…they’re all my favorites, the ballads are so tender, yet I love his sassiness in WFY and WFM, with ZG he lets loose, that first Zero at the end is crazy… but there is something about Don’t Let Go that my 18 year old self ….. enough said.

    I had such a diverse group around me, women, men, teens and various ethnicities, I decided then that I was going to open myself to David and react to each and every moment. I’m 48, I screamed, jumped, whistled, chanted, laughed , yelled out I love you David as loud as I could, these emotions just free flowed out of me… as I’ve listened to the posted youtubes of Pomona I almost fell out of my chair, I can hear myself doing all of the above and I don’t care, I’m past blushing. At the end of Angels his eyes glistened, he looked out at the audience and touched his heart … said thank you with such sincerity, I cried. I have been overwhelmed with all this, I feel euphoric.

    I thought I would feel sad now but I don’t, I haven’t watched Reno’s performances just Pomona’s repeatedly, I want to keep my experience fresh for a little while longer. I hope I didn’t bore you all with my extreme fangirling but I love him and he has a fan for life. I’ve started a savings for the summer/fall concert, I’m so there. (sorry it’s so long)

  2. 2 bebereader March 25, 2009 at 8:35 am

    djafan: I don’t know if I told you before but your review was just beautiful. Thank you for conveying your experience seeing David LIVE in concert. I can feel your joy right through my monitor.

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